Our story

Like everyone else, you probably already cursed time.
He held you by the neck, this capricious monarch; forced to do what he wanted ...
He sometimes makes you run, cry; sometimes forced you to immobility, constantly imposing you and in all circumstances his implacable will.

Who never dream to stop, slow down, turn back time?
And ... if it were up to you?

What if the only remedy to time, was madness In all its darkness and brightness. In all its simplicity and elegance.
And what is better than a watch to symbolize this sudden burst of freedom?

Aciigo stops at 8 o'clock; when, slowly, social pressure goes down, all eyes turn and the spirit finally reassert itself.
Its needles take the pulse of a generation, of your innermost desires, your fantasies.
Because your madness is personal and intimate it has color, rhythm, frequency.

Aciigo offers various colors and design:
Black as night or multicolored because your madness is explosive. Pop design or leather strap or classic dandy, always with elegant simplicity.
Under the lights of Paris, in a comfortable solitude or with your soul mate, finally let go of the reins to your folly, let it express itself. You will be surprised to see burning eyes, curious, intrigued, (maybe jealous?) land on you.

Because it was created in pairs, and to break a one more barrier, Aciigo is a unisex watch. Its geometry and restrained expressiveness allow him to keep his temper in all circumstances, in every outfit, on any figure, and will know, you can be assured, to highlight your most Machiavellian smile.

After all, Love is merely a Madness.